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How to tell if an online casino is fake?

Casino gambling has changed a lot in recent years and thanks to the online casino 3win2u, you no longer have to venture out when you can play the casino games on your phone. However, there are some steps that you must take to make sure that you are doing it the right way. Even though there are fewer spoof casinos on the internet due to the vigilance of the casino industry and law enforcement, you still can’t rule it out. So the best is to make sure that you are following the dos and don’ts of gambling on the internet to stay safe.


Missing pages:

When you are about to gamble on a site, the first thing that you must look for is the missing pages. If there are some pages that you find missing, you must never gamble on that site. These pages include the most important ones like About Us and customer care. You may find customer care but no one will pick it up. Give it a try and see if everything is working fine. There is no hurry so you must make sure that you are doing it the right way since you are wagering real money on the online casino.

License number:

One of the strongest indicators of the credibility of an online casino is the license number. It doesn’t matter where the casino is operating from, it has to follow the law and get a license. This will be posted at the bottom of the landing page but if it’s not there, you can scan for other pages. If it’s a legit casino, you will find it.


Gamblers are likely to drop a review of the site and you must never ignore them. You will find the reviews about everything these days and if you are not able to do that for the site, you must take your steps carefully. It may not mean that the site is fake, but there is a level of precaution that you have to maintain. Not every new site is a fake one, but if it’s a new one, you will have to take extra measures to be sure of its legality.


It is common for online casinos to give out bonuses to the new players. You can trigger a bonus on your initial payment however if you find that bonus too good to be true then that will mean that you are dealing with a spoof website. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the huge bonuses aren’t real, but only the ones that are too large to be believed.


The Internet has made gambling easy but when it comes to wagering your money online, there is a certain level of security risk that comes with it. That’s why you must never decide in a hurry and weigh in on every option that you have. After you have verified the casino, you can go ahead.

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